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Allergens We Test

AllergyMD offers an array of testing including skin prick testing, patch testing, breathing tests, and oral challenges to properly diagnose and manage troubling allergy symptoms.

Skin Prick Testing

We use a prick device and liquid allergen extracts to prick the skin and then over 15 minutes we monitor for a reaction which is commonly a red, itchy bump. Common allergens we test with skin prick testing are indoor and outdoor environmental allergens, food allergens, and medication allergens. Oral antihistamines must be stopped seven days prior to skin prick testing.

Intradermal Testing

Intradermal testing involves injecting a small bleb of allergen under the top layer of skin. We use this method for some environmental allergens and medication allergens.


Spiromentry is a breathing test where the patient blows into a device as hard as one can and then holds the exhalation out so we can capture lung volumes.

Patch Testing

Patch testing involves placing allergens on stickers and then placing the stickers on the back. These stickers stay placed for 48 hours and then we remove them and recheck the site at the 5 day mark as well as the 7 day mark.

Food Challenges

The gold standard for IgE mediated food allergy is eating the food so we will commonly do food challenges where patients bring the food into the office and we will monitor them as they start with a small amount and gradually increase that amount up to a full serving.

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